Grand Rapids BUTI Yoga

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Van Leuven for a cup of coffee and learning more about her local business, Grand Rapids BUTI Yoga.  Jennifer is the only certified BUTI yoga instructor currently teaching classes in Grand Rapids.  This particular form of yoga has a focus on the core and it builds strength and flexibility.  BUTI yoga is a sensual workout and is great for moms and other women who would like a fun workout that focuses a lot on their midsections.  It combines Vinyasa flow yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics.  Jennifer says she has been amazed by the results from women who have taken her classes and can't believe how many of them are now rockin' sexy abs!

Grand Rapids BUTI Yoga is taught at the Monroe North Fitness Center at 940 Monroe Ave NW, Suite 153G.  The classes are separate from the fitness center's membership program, however premium members do get a discount to attend the GR Buti Yoga classes.  For more information about class times and more, check out the Grand Rapids Buti Yoga website here or the Facebook page here or call 616.818.7748. 


If you mention hearing about Grand Rapids BUTI Yoga through Boxed GR, you'll receive 1 free class!!


I'm the type of girl that shies away from any sort of physical activity that requires learning a routine or doing moves in a synchronized fashion, especially when others are present to bear witness to my utter lack of coordination.  Should you see me at one of the Grand Rapids BUTI Yoga classes, please don't tell anyone about what you saw!!  It will be our little secret, ok?