Knowledge Sharing

One of the best parts about meeting with other local business owners is once in a while they give me advice, share tidbits of helpful information, or just happen to mention something I didn't think about before.  I'm all wrapped up in my own business and emotionally and financially invested in it, so sometimes it's hard to see things as an outsider would.  Other business owners have their share of trial and error, lessons learned, connections they've made, and a whole lot of valuable experience.  I always try to listen with an open mind because I can learn a lot from others. 

Recently Adam from Bros. Leather Co. and I were talking on the phone about promoting his business in the Boxed GR boxes and we started talking about websites.  I mentioned wanting to redo the Boxed GR website and he suggested I check out Squarespace. 

I took his advice and I am so glad I did.  After weeks of reading tutorials on WordPress and still feeling confused, I was ready to give up and I started looking into hiring someone else to design the new website.  Once I read up on Squarespace a little bit and did a free 14 day trial, I realized that Adam was right.  With next to no knowledge about how to design a website and integrate the payment system, I was able to do everything myself!  Squarespace is awesome.  Their tutorials are easy to follow, cover just about any question I had, and when I did have questions - their customer service was absolutely stellar.  I highly recommend Squarespace to anyone looking to create a new website.