Marketing and Subscription Boxes

Every day we are inundated with marketing messages.   I read somewhere once that the average person may see up to 5000 advertisements each day.  From commercials to internet ads to grocery store displays - they are everywhere!  It's tough to figure out what gets through to potential customers and how to spend marketing dollars wisely.  For small businesses who don't have a big budget it is even more difficult! 

So how does the subscription box model fit into that?  Subscription boxes are a unique way to reach people in a direct manner.  Potential customers can sample products and get more information about different businesses and their offerings.  Subscribers pay for and enjoy getting a box filled with surprise products, samples, and gift cards each month.  Many people describe excitement waiting for their box to arrive each month. They open it and spend time looking at and trying each item inside.  Subscription boxes are fun! 

At Boxed GR, we aim to put together an awesome box each month filled with new products, samples, and gift cards that our subscribers really enjoy.  We also are proud to provide a unique and low cost way for businesses in Grand Rapids to promote themselves.