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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Eve Wrest, owner of GR Dog Adventures.  Eve combined her love of dogs, fitness and entrepreneurship and started this unique local business.  GR Dog Adventures has a different focus than other dog walking services - her team of runners focus on high-energy breeds (working dogs like terriers, pointers, retrievers, shepherds, etc.) as well as young to middle age dogs of any breed that are full of energy.  The dogs get to run, hike, walk, swim at their own pace and enjoy the sights and smells of nature, which gives them the physical and mental workout they crave.

When GR Dog Adventures works with a new dog, they begin at the dog's current fitness level and gradually build on it, increasing their fitness and overall well-being with every session.  All dogs from couch potatoes to canine athletes are welcome.  Senior dogs also benefit from the services of GR Dog Adventures.  They can enjoy a better quality of life with less joint pain and stiffness, healthier heart and bones, and longer lives.  They have a 15 year old shepherd mix who still jogs!

Eve says they have had great results with overweight, hyper, anxious, destructive and crabby dogs.  They recently had one of her four-legged clients lose 8 lbs. in under 6 weeks just from running for twice weekly 60 minute running sessions.  GR Dog Adventures makes it extra easy to give your dog the exercise he or she needs.  Their runners go to each client's home so there is no need to be home or for pick up or drop off.  The staff is also pet first aid and CPR trained.

If you are interested in trying out GR Dog Adventures for your furry companion, mention you heard about it from Boxed GR and your first dog running, walking, or hiking session is free!  Visit the GR Dog Adventures website here or their Facebook page here.  Call or text 248-980-9049 or email 

Happy clients of GR Dog Adventures!

Happy clients of GR Dog Adventures!