Women's Resource Center

We chose the Women's Resource Center in Grand Rapids as the local benefit organization for our special Mother's Day boxes this year.  Order one for yourself or your mom here and we'll donate $5 to WRC! 

The Women's Resource Center's purpose is to empower local women to increase their earning potential, become self-sufficient, and improve their lives through education, career development, skill building, and employment.  WRC has been assisting unemployed or under-employed women in the Greater Grand Rapids area since 1973!  Most of their intensive services are focused on helping low-income single mothers, women who are returning citizens/ex-offenders, and women who are at a disadvantage in the workplace.  They help women discover their strengths and talents while overcoming barriers to employment and economic independence.

Specifically, the services WRC provides women include career exploration, coaching, action planning, job placement and retention support, employability and life skills, educational and training assistance, mentoring, and more.  They offer effective, holistic, and results-oriented career development services that are designed and delivered to specifically meet the needs of women.

Over 60% of the 594 women served by WRC in 2015 were living on less than $15,000/year and more than half of those were mothers.  Providing a path to financial security for the mothers also positively impacts the children and helps to lift them out of poverty.  Last year 75% of the women who completed intensive programs through WRC and were looking for work were able to secure employment and also demonstrated increases in their self-esteem.  75% of those were still employed at the 6 month retention benchmark. 

If you are interested in learning more about Women's Resource Center, please visit their website here