The Importance of Client Gifting

Gift gifting is a wonderful tool for cementing business relationships, expressing appreciation, and celebrating achievements.  In a world that increasingly relies on digital communication rather than face-to-face interaction, a gift can lay the foundation for a trusted relationship as a tangible display of intention and character.  The truth is - everyone loves receiving gifts, especially gifts that are unexpected and thoughtful.  Gifts create a connection and that "warm fuzzy feeling" that is so important and difficult to obtain.  

Many companies use client gifting as a way to set themselves apart from their competition.  In this competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever to give a unique and thoughtful gift -- the stale logo pen just won't do (even if it's a really cool pen)!  Done correctly, gift giving can be a cost saving marketing method.  If a $50 gift can retain or attract a customer that spends much more, it's a no-brainer, right?  Another pen?  Not so much.  

While some types of businesses have strict rules relating to giving or receiving gifts, the majority of businesses are able to gift - and can write the gift (or a portion) off on their taxes.  

Gifting isn't just for the holiday season either - it can be used effectively year round for customer attraction and retention, employee recognition, building relationships with vendors/suppliers and service providers, etc.  

At Boxed GR, we're extremely passionate about promoting local businesses.  Not only do we love showing off fantastic products made by GR businesses - we also love promoting local businesses by putting together unique and thoughtful gifts that help them build relationships and attract new customers.  We can work with just about any budget and theme and deliver to our clients or ship to theirs anywhere in the U.S.. Send us a message today!